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We all know there’s no substitute for serious practice. But the uke should also be fun, and sometimes you just want to play around with a pro technique - maybe even use it in a song to spice things up. Rather than being a ‘cheat’ this can help you develop new skills and sustain your interest and enthusiasm for the long haul. Have a look at the categories below for some inspiration!


Techniques to get you out of a rut and
strumming like a pro


Patterns, styles, and methods to enliven your fingerstyle playing

Fretting Hand Techniques

Don't forget your other hand - you can't make music without it

Exercises, Licks, and Riffs

Warm-ups, stretches, and fun musical phrases

Muting and Noise Reduction

Sometimes the biggest step toward unleashing your inner virtuoso is simply to play cleaner


From strings to electronics, there's an incredible array of extras that can enhance your sound

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